Cult Ov Death

by Galgamex

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Recorded between February-September 2012


released October 27, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Wes Kennedy, Mastered by Stuart Mckillop



all rights reserved


Galgamex Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Flesh Grind
Festering infection eating flesh alive
devouring reason succumb to suicide
fragments are splattered three meters wide
your type of parasite survives

I indulge in gore, at the sight of your lifeless corpse

I can not wait for the day that the dead
soon will have their redemption at hand
bodies are fed through the gates of this hell

Return to earth
for where you'll rot
stagnant lacerations
permeate the air

Feet first so you can writhe inside the suffering
that you've brought forth upon everyone on earth
alone in stasis awake from this dream
till you return return to the fucking earth

where you'll rot for an eternal stay
left to decay feel your flesh grind
Track Name: Taste The Cannon
Crush souls lost in the abyss
a dismal dawn burning sky
watch our planet slowly decay-rot away
this parasite called humanity

encroaching on the end of days
as we are left to fend for ourselves
theres no hope in sight

for these things to be reversed
we have done this to ourselves
now we must live with what we
have done to this

earth rages-oceans swallow-our coastlines-watch our planet die

cities sleep as the empire falls
global leaders played as pawns
enslavement takes shape-religion calls
total chaos as skylines burn

irreversible damage done
filth of the human race
drunk with greed and control
theres no point to effort if
theres no one to leech their life blood
and fulfil your thirst you fucking parasite
why wont you die?